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        R-Package BMS

        Bayesian Model Averaging in R

        The BMS Package

        BMS is a free R package for performing Bayesian Model Averaging within the open-source software R: The tutorials provide some screenshots.
        This page refers to the current version BMS 0.3.3.

        Install BMS

        BMS may be easily installed from inside R, as it is is available via the CRAN repository.
        As an alternative to R, the basic functionality of BMS may be harnessed from within Matlab via BMS toolbox for Matlab.

        Introduction to BMS

        If you know already something about BMA but not about R, then you might consider the 'FLS' tutorial.
        If you know neither BMA nor R well, then the introductory manual "Bayesian Model Averaging with BMS" could be helpful.
        Moreover, you might consider the other tutorials, as well as the FAQ and the online help files.

        About BMS

        The R-package BMS is free Bayesian Model Averaging software that is designed according to three objectives:

        BMS (short for 'Bayesian Model Sampling') was created by Martin Feldkircher and Stefan Zeugner. In case of questions, please feel free to contact us.

        The current version of BMS is released under the Artistic 2.0 License. This basically means that you are free to use, distribute and modify the package.
        Still, it would be kind if you cite us.

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